Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Humanoids - S/T LP - Purple Vinyl

Throwing Things (2013)

This record is some sort of secret. The band doesn't sell it or even say that it's out on any of their websites. The record label doesn't sell it on their website. They also don't really advertise that it is actually out. There's a few mentions of a vinyl release show, so I figured it had to be out there somewhere. I actually finally found a mention that a record store in St. Louis called Vintage Vinyl (not to be the confused with the one here in NJ) that was selling it online. But it's kind of silly that you have to hunt for a new record .

The hunt is worth it though, as Humanoids have a cracker of a record here. Plain and simple what should sell this to you is that Humanoids have an extremely similar sound to Dillinger Four. They channel the same energy, similar vocals and really tight hooks. I'm not saying they're a carbon copy, but of all the bands I've heard over the years aiming for a sound like this, Humanoids pull it off the best.

The cover is a screened fold over. While that leads to a pet peeve of mine (no info on the album spine), the cover itself looks great. Thick cardstock and a really quality screening job. The purple vinyl has some other colors swirled in, probably a "mixed-color-vinyl" special from one of the pressing plants. Sometime that results in some drab looking grays, but this purple is sharp.

The total package, but I can't find any of the songs streaming online anywhere, so you may have to take my word for it and take a chance. This is a record you should go out of your way to buy, which you'll have to do because they certainly don't make it easy for you. I'll help you out; you can grab it here: www.vintagevinyl.com/ (you'll have to search for "Humanoids" once you get on that site because you can't direct link to any of the records they have. No one will make this easy!)

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