Monday, May 20, 2013

The Novice - What You Want 7" - Black Vinyl & Yellow Vinyl (/200)

Dirtnap (2013)

Jeff Burke has one of the most recognizable styles I've come across. Throughout his bands The Marked Men, Potential Johns and now The Novice, there's never any question that this man is in the band. He just has a knack for really unique punked out pop songs. As soon as those guitar chords shift to that unexpected area for the hook, bam, that's Jeff.

On this 7" we have 2 songs that Jeff recorded while in a band he formed in Japan called The Novice. Both are just out of this world. Certainly I cannot fathom anyone not loving them who also likes The Marked Men or Potential Johns. Sadly, this will likely be the only Novice release as Jeff has moved back to Texas, but I guess that means maybe we could see another Marked Men record someday. That would be an OK sacrifice.

As is usually the case with Dirtnap, the first 200 of these were on colored vinyl, and there's no way I'm not getting variants when a member of The Marked Men is involved. A great record.

The Novice - What You Want 7"

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  1. They'll be playing Chaos In Tejas next week in Austin, TX. Plus all other projects associated it seems that I am all about right now. The Marked Men, Mind Spiders, And The Novice, and Low Culture. I'm going to be disappointed if I can't make the shows! Especially since I'm only an hour away in San Antonio.