Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dead Mechanical - OK Night LP - Screened Cover (/40)

Toxic Pop (2013)

This Dead Mechanical record is coming out in the next month on Toxic Pop records. There's a pre-order for it on the label's website right now, and I put in my order the very day it went up. However, since Dead Mechanical was playing Insub Fest in late June, Toxic Pop had a some test pressings of the record rushed and they made special screened covers for the occasion. They only sold 40 copies of this record at Insub Fest, but I was very luckily that a quick email to Toxic Pop had them put aside a copy for me. I guess being a loyal customer that buys almost every single thing the label puts out the day it goes on sale earned me some karma points.

I love the screened cover and as cool as it looks in the picture, it really pops in person. Now, as for the music, I could not possibly say enough good things about this record. Over and over I've stated what a great year for music 2013 has been, but it's just getting downright insane at this point. This is an album of the year most years. It's a surefire top 5, it's probably a top 3. In all seriousness, just stop reading this review as you are wasting time that could be better spent buying this record.

The band weaves together some of the best influences in punk. You've got your early Jawbreaker vocals, there's Leatherface inspired guitar play, Dillinger Four-esque catchiness in parts and it's all presented though a filter of incredible energy and passion. I always say that to me, the most important thing about a band is that I want to believe in them. I want to feel the conviction they have in their music. Dead Mechanical has this in spades. I believe every word, every note that comes out of this band. It's a soundtrack for life kicking you low, and your quest to crawl back.

OK Night is essential, just absolutely essential. After 3 perfect records, I do not understand how this band is not one of the biggest in the US. Dead Mechanical should be huge. They should be the first thing anyone mentions when talking about today's great punk bands. Go buy this record, you deserve it.

Dead Mechanical - OK Night:

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