Thursday, July 11, 2013

Plow United - One 7" & Two Split 7"s

West Chester Rock City 7" - Total Jayos (1996)
Plow / Weston - Split 7" Coolidge (1995)
Plow United / Stressboy - Split 7" (1996)

Even though they're from Pennsylvania and I'm from New Jersey, I always considered Plow United to be the best local band that we had back in the mid 90's. They constantly came up to play shows with the North Jersey bands and they were often tapped as support when some of the bigger punk rock bands came though town. I always loved them live and in particular played the hell out of their 2nd album Goodnight Sellout.

For some reason, I never picked up too many of their 7"s. I think I just had the mentality that they're always around, I'll just grab them next time. Then suddenly they weren't around anymore and all of the 7"s disappeared. I never even picked up their first full length on vinyl. Really kicking myself about that all these years later because you hardly ever see these old records anymore.

The three 7"s here represent a prime era of Plow United. Even though I never had these records before, all of these songs are familiar and feel like home. A few had ended up on Goodnight Sellout but the others are ones that I'm sure I know having seen the band play so many times. It's a real trip back to a very exciting time in music for me. I'm hopeful that at some point I can find the remainder of the Plow 7"s I'm missing and fingers crossed that a copy of their first S/T LP turns up at some point.

Plow United - West Chester Rock City (Live):

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