Friday, July 19, 2013

Steve Adamyk Band - Desecrate 7" - Stamped Cover (/17)

Taken by Surprise (2013)

A reader of this very website actually alerted me that this variant was coming out, so for that I am most thankful. Taken By Surprise found a handful of Desecrate 7"s with no covers. So they did the only thing any self respecting record label would do; they made an instant collectible. The 7"s are hand stamped, limited to just 17 copies in total and allows me to continue to keep my Steve Adamyk Band collection up to snuff.

The 3 songs on this record are some of my favorites as well. Especially the b-side "Unglued." This is the kind of record that really helps cement a band as one of the best out there. Steve Adamyk Band has 3 new 7"s coming out this summer (Well, one is actually out already), so expect to see more of them on this website really soon. the US East Coast already!!

The Steve Adamyk Band - Desecrate:

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