Friday, July 12, 2013

The Repos - Armed And Using 7" - Yellow & Red Vinyl (/100)

Cowabunga (2013)

I signed up for the Cowabunga records singles club (It's call Sick Club) in order to get an exclusive color variant of a Tenement 7". There was also supposed to be a Mean Jeans 7" as well, but I'm not sure that is actually happening anymore. What i have received is a handful of hardcore 7"s that really aren't my thing.

The Repos play load screamy sludgy hardcore. It's a style of music I've never really understood. The yelling, the swirling bludgeoning guitar noises...if you like this sort of thing, that's great, whatever music speaks to you is important. But this sort of thing completely throws me for a loop. I think the colored vinyl looks really great though.

The Repos - Armed And Using:

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