Monday, July 1, 2013

Rad Company / Tight Bros - Split 7"

Drunken Sailor / Rad Girlfriend / Throwing Things / Soapy Hands / No Breaks / 86'd / On The Real (2013)

Split 7" put out by an awful lot of labels. I think this actually might be the most logos I've ever seen on the back of a record before. But, as this is a pretty great 7", I can't blame so many people from wanting to get in involved.

This is my first exposure to Rad Company. They play a fuzzy, catchy style of pop punk with slightly gruff vocals and a lot of enthusiasm. Certainly not earth shattering, but very good and a band I will be keeping an eye on going forward.

I've been pretty crazy about the Tight Bros LP that came out this year as it's been spinning pretty frequently on my turntable. This 7" is a nice follow up with 2 more tracks of Marked Men-esque guitar pop with really strong vocal harmonies. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorites and I actually have another split 7" of theirs on pre-order, so I'll be writing about Tight Bros again pretty soon.

Rad Company / Tight Bros - Split 7":

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