Tuesday, July 9, 2013

R. Stevie Moore - I Missed July 7" - Red Vinyl (/300)

Sweaters & Pearls (2013)

This is one of 3 7"s that the label Sweaters & Pearls sent to me to check out. This is the record label run by the same guy that does the great website 7inches.blogspot.com/. You should check it out as he's a better writer than I am, or at least hasn't completely run out of adjectives to describe bands (I ran out in about 1997).

I started out with the R. Stevie Moore 7", mostly because it was noted that these 2 songs were recorded in Montclair, NJ (my town). The 2 songs are a slice of eclectic bedroom pop that I probably would have been up for when I was in high school/early college. At that time, I was going through my tape label phase and was listening to similar lo fi warriors like Charlie McAlister, Simon Joyner and Gary Young. Eventually that scene either started to dry up or I just lost interest as that time in my life (we'll say 1995-1996-ish) is really the only time I had the patience to listen to real off kilter rock.

This R Stevie Moore 7" really takes me back as a reminder of that time. The recording quality, the wavy guitar sounds, the speed manipulation of the recording; it all sounds so comfortable and familiar. While it's not the sort of thing I would typically listen to anymore, it's a flashback to a time when you'd throw a few dollars in an envelope and get a package of music in the mail a few months later. Often times way after you forgot you even ordered it.

R. Stevie Moore - I Missed July:

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