Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mirrorism - Night Flight 7" - Dark Red Vinyl

Trouble In Mind (2013)

Trouble In Mind really hit me with a one-two punch with their latest batch of singles. Between the Proto Idiot 7" I wrote about a few days ago and this Mirrorism 7", this is one of their stronger batches. Records like this are the reason I always buy every single they release, odds are I haven't heard of the band, but the potential for greatness is always there.

Mirrorism are from Italy and fill the A side of this single with jagged guitars and yelped vocals. Not always my thing, but the band does it well enough that I'm engaged. It's the B side, "Exit The Loop," that really grabs me. A bit more of a straight up rocker, this is the kind of song that you instantly sit up and take notice of when the needle hits the wax.

Other than a demo tape, this 7" is all the band has to offer currently. Though I expect that to change pretty quick once word gets out about this band.

Mirrorism - Exit the Loop:

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