Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paper Dragons - Die To Please LP - Red Vinyl (/110)

Toxic Pop / Wallride / Southpaw (2013)

I've been sitting on this Paper Dragons LP for a few months now, not exactly sure what to write about it. I picked it up based on Hot Snakes/Wipers comparisons and I see that in the music for sure. The band just attacks their instruments with a fury that's something to hear. Lot's of downstrokes, interesting chord progressions and the kind of believable energy that I value so highly in a band.

I think where Paper Dragons loses me is in the vocals. They lean more towards the snotty 80's punk sound than is my cup of tea. This is very much a punk album and I think I need just a bit more melody in a band to really speak to me. By no means is this a bad record and I actually recommend it quite highly if you're looking for a band that can incorporate this vocal style with some truly stellar music. It's just not 100% what I'm looking for.

Paper Dragons - Die To Please:

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