Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rumspringer - Stay Afloat - Yellow Vinyl (/111)

Dirtcult / Drunken Sailor (2013)

Please, just remember all of the good things I said about this album yesterday, because they all still apply. Rumspringer is one of the best current bands out there and this is the best album they have released to date. Go get it.

The yellow vinyl variant was pressed up to be sold through Drunken Sailor records out in the UK. There's only 111 copies floating around, plus Drunken Sailor is another label that you just cannot go wrong with. If you're going to grab this Rumspringer record from them, you're a fool if you don't also pick up the Exit Condition reissues at a minimum. Dirtcult did sell a handful of this version on their website, but they sold out very quickly. If you want it now, off to Europe you go...

Rumspringer - Stay Afloat:

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