Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Midway Still - Slugabed 10"

Roughneck (1992)

This is a record I actually picked up a little bit ago, but I hadn't gotten to write it up yet for the site. I found this in the Generation Records used bin in NYC for $2, so there was no way it wasn't coming home with me. I've been slowly trying to pick up the remainder of the Midway Still releases that I don't have on vinyl, but they don't turn up too often in America.

This 10" is a classic slice of Midway Still. Released when Snuff, Leatherface, Senseless Things & Mega City Four ruled the Earth, these guys have always been a favorite of mind. Their quiet-verse-to-loud-chorus mastery is on display particularly during the lead off song, "Just Get Stuck." It's a real time capsule of a time when the UK punky pop bands of the early 90's were really elevating the game.

While looking for some of these songs to share I actually stumbled across the fact that the band put out a new album last year. Sadly it seems it's CD only, no vinyl, but I'm going to have to pick that up at some point as well.

Midway Still - Just Get Stuck:

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