Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Crocodile God / Not Tonight And The Headaches - Split 7" - Purple Vinyl


Speedowax (2016)

Longtime readers know, I do love a good split 7".  It's a great way to be forced to check out a new band while you pick up something you're more familiar with.  In this instance my love for Crocodile God goes back decades.  It was the very definition of a no brainer that I was going to pick up this 7".  However, I hadn't even heard of Not Tonight And The Headaches.  So here's a new band to check out.

The two Not Tonight And The Headaches songs are pretty dissimilar from each other, which wasn't really something I was expecting.  "Slucky" has a very strong mid tempo Banner Pilot feel to it with the big fat octaves and some guest vocals by Jeff Caudill from Gameface.  The next song of theirs is "She's With You," a faster one with a much more pronounced UK pop punk sound.  It's definitely the better of the two not only because it's more in my wheelhouse, but also because it doesn't so obviously sound like another band.

Crocodile God, on the other hand, is a band I'm extremely familiar with.  It marks about twenty years ago to the week that I saw them, Chopper and Skimmer play a snooker club in Leeds when I went to England for a couple of weeks (primarily to record shop, which I'm sure is surprising). "Spinning" is classic Crocodile God; starting off a little slower with a super catchy chorus and some tasteful palm muting.  Then, towards the end, they fake you out by dramatically increasing the tempo and rocketing to the finish.  "Entomologist Eyes" is an overall faster song, with buzzing guitar riffs and hyperactive drum fills.  It's kind of funny to me to still be getting new Crocodile God songs twenty years later, but I'll take it.  If they keep releasing them, I'll keep buying them.

Not Tonight And The Headaches - Their Side of the Split:

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