Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fretblanket - Twisted 7"


Rockville (1993)

This 7" is another one I picked up when one of my friends was purging their records collection.  I couldn't pass up the chance to grab this little gem from a band that is all but forgotten these days, Fretblanket.  It seems pretty crazy that this record is twenty four years old at this point, but that's aging for you.

Fretblanket were from England and their album Junkfuel was one of those major label 1990's rock albums that came out in the post Nirvana bubble and really didn't go anywhere.  Very much a king of the used bin sort of record not unlike a Fig Dish would have been.  Both of the songs on this 7" are also on Junkfuel, which makes me wonder why I insist on having it take up space in my collection, but as that album never came out on vinyl this is my only chance to preserve even a couple of songs on the best format.

"Twisted" is an upper mid tempo rocker with a nice big hook in the chorus, gruff vocals and some faint haunting backing vocals that really adds texture to everything.  The guitars are nice and loud and everything is really basic guitar pop.  There's hints of punk rock bubbling under the surface, but for the most part, it's a pretty slick and catchy song.  B side "Hang Glider" changes things up.  It's not as instantly catchy, retaining a larger amount of angst in the vocals.  The song is a bit slower than "Twisted," but it's still upbeat enough to where I wouldn't say it's a slow song.  I can't say the noisy guitar freakout at the end is my favorite thing in the wold, but hey, it was the 90's.  Things were different back then,

Fretblanket - "Twisted":

Fretblanket - "Hang Glider":

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