Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kerbivore - All Dressed CDEP


Urban Sleep (2016)

Allow me to describe the complete ass backwards way I discovered this band.  Kerbivore is from Staten Island, NY.  As recently as last month, they played in Asbury Park, NJ - only 45 minutes or so away from where I live.  Did I discover this band while I was out at a local show?  Did word of mouth sperad of a local band that I had to check out?  Nope.  When I was in Japan the singer of the band 2 Sick Worry told me about the record label he was doing in Japan and then he sent me a handful of CDs he released.  Kerbivore was in that stack.  I had to go to Japan to hear about a band that's playing in my own backyard.  Sure seems weird.

Anyway, this Kerbivore CD is pretty great.  I'm reminded a lot of the band Golden City, one of the post-Christie Front Drive bands that was around for five minutes or so.  Mix that knack for pop with a hint of Dinosaur Jr. style fuzzed out guitar pyrotechnics and blend in some of the ramshackle energy of Demolition Theater era New Sweet Breath and I think that's starts to paint a decent picture of what you can expect from Kerbivore.  On of my favorite things is when a band is writing pop songs, but is skillful enough to complicate things a bit, but not lose that inherent hook and catchiness. Kerbivore pulls that off pretty flawlessly.

All five songs are hits, but the closer of the EP, "My Apartment's a Mess," really drives things home and makes me hungry for more.  The fact that these guys were just playing locally a few weeks ago is hopefully a sign that they're working on so new tunes.  I'd sure like to hear a full length from them.  Thanks for the CD Yu!

Kerbivore - All Dressed Up (It was released on cassette in the US as well, this is the US label's Bandcamp page):

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