Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Good Shade - Lunch LP


Gut Genug / A-F Records

Lunch is the third Good Shade album that has been released.  it follows up their self titled debut and their last album Breakfast.  I can only assume Dinner is on the horizon, though perhaps they'll throw a curveball and put out an Afternoon Snack while we wait.  The pressing information on this album is a little scattered.  What I think happened is 175 copies are available through the band and Gut Genug records.  The other 125 seem to have been part of the A-F record club, so I think that puts us at 300 copies total.  I bought this one from the band, but the A-F website mentions something about exclusive artwork for their version.  The world my never know.

As far as Lunch is concerned, in many ways this album is another batch of tried and true songs from Good Shade.  They've always had something of a Marked Men feel to them, ever since they spun off from the equally excellent Tight Bros.  This album does take the band in a few new direction, slowing things down a little bit and taking a slightly darker twist than they have in the past.  It results in an album with variety, but still sounds like the Good Shade I know and love.

I tend to prefer the faster songs, as they have an energy to them that doesn't shine through quite as much when things slow down, but I can't say there's a bad song on the album.  Absolutely worth picking up if you like Dirtnap style fuzz pop.

Good Shade - Lunch LP:

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