Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Thingz - Vault Of Tomorrow LP


Coffee Addict (2017)

As soon as I opened up the package containing this Thingz LP, I thought there was a pretty good chance it wouldn't be for me.  After all, they're using a "z" instead of an "s."  That's bad news right there.  Still, I went in with an open mind and only after listening to this album can I confirm that, in fact, I do not like it.  Sometimes first impressions are right.

The Thingz are playing stripped down garage-y rock with a leaning towards occult themes.  Sound familiar?  Probably because there are dozens of other bands with this same gimmick. At this point if you are going to start up a sci fi themed garage band, you had better be pretty damn spectacular otherwise you're just going to get compared to other bands doing it better than you.

The guitar on this record, in particular, is thin and doesn't really ever bring in the oomph, leaving the songs just sort of hanging.  But the real problem here is the vocals.  There are two singers, neither of which are particularly good.  The songs by bassist Kim are really tough to get through.  She leans so heavily on a sneering nasal delivery and it just doesn't work.  When guitarist Mike leads the way, things are nominally better.  He doesn't do the nasal thing quite so pronounced but kind of sounds a little bit like the singer from Headache City, just not as good.

I'm sure there's a set of garage rockers that will welcome a band like The Thingz into the fold.  For me, there's not enough pop and there aren't enough hooks to keep me interested.  Combine that with vocals that I just cannot get into and you've got an album that I'm unlikely to listen to again.

The Thingz - Vault Of Tomorrow:

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