Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Holiday - California Steamin' LP - Green Vinyl (/300)


Brassneck / Pumpkin / Antikorper Export / Prejudice Me (2017)

I think I'm listening to more UK punk rock bands right now than at any time since the mid 90's.  There's something of a renaissance going on where melodic guitar punk is coming back around again.  Holiday is a band that is new to me, but they've released one heck of debut album.

There's something instantly familiar about this band that hits me the very second I pop this on the turntable.  At first I just couldn't place it.  It was the vocals.  They really reminded me of something I just couldn't nail down.  Then Kazu from Waterslide records pointed out to me that they reminded him of Goober Patrol.  That was it, that was the comparison I was looking for.  Vocally, Holiday have a lot in common with early, Dutch Ovens and Truck Off era Goober Patrol. You're not going to get the kind of grit the Goobers were throwing around by the time they got to Vacation, but instead it's a smoother raspiness from their early days.

These vocals combines with a swirling, punked up guitar sound that harkens back to Mega City Four to give Holiday a distinct, but familiar sound.  It's very much a call back to the UK of the early 90's while staying current and exciting.  California Steamin' is a true highlight of 2017 and is easily one of the best records I've heard all year.

Holiday - California Steamin':

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