Monday, August 7, 2017

The Chinchees - The Chinchees LP


Self Released (2017) 

The Chinchees come from Minneapolis and this is their debut album.  To say this one has caught me by surprise would be a massive understatement.  I received this LP right as I was in the very thick of my '2017 is really a down year for new releases' lamentations.  The very second the needle hit the wax on this one, I completely reevaluated that statement.  Sure, 2017 may not quite have the same number of amazing releases as some of the more recent years, but with an album like this floating around, it's pretty hard to say it's been a dissappointing year for new music.

What gets me the most about The Chinchees is how they straddle the line between Marked Men style fuzz pop and Superchunk-like catchiness.  The hooks are more reminiscent of early Superchunk, but that have the sort of speedy intensity that you find in the Marked Men.  I don't care how you want to split the difference, the fact is that The Chinchees have quietly dropped one of the best two or three albums of the year.  And to think, I could have missed it while I was complaining about 2017.

This particular version is the first pressing that the band self released.  Dirt Cult records has stepped in and is handling the repress.  Hopefully that will help spread the word about The Chinchees.  This debut album of theirs is just great and everyone should have the chance to hear it.  Plus, Dirt Cult did a repress on colored vinyl, so I'm debating grabbing one of those at some point even though I already have this copy.  That's how good this record is.

The Chinchees - The Chinchees:


  1. Saw these guys at Ottawa Explosion a few years back and was anxiously awaiting this debut LP since. The songs and energy are even better live. Should fall into my top 10 for 2017 as well.

  2. These guys remind me of Basketball Shorts, but with more fuzz and less party punk.