Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Smalltown - Fall Into Line 7"


Bridge of Compassion (2002)

Fall Into Line was the second Smalltown 7" released back in 2002.  I first came across these songs when Snuffy Smile released the Smalltown singles compilation, The First Three Years.  As I mentioned when I reviewed Smalltown's 2000 Stuck 7", these are my very favorite songs that Smalltown ever released.

There's just something about these early tracks that exude a youthful energy and a ramshackle vibe that feels punk rock.  The recording quality is totally fine, but still rough enough around the edges to sound a little dangerous.  The way these guys managed to keep their pop side (not too dissimilar from The Odd Numbers) equally balanced with their gruffer more punk leanings was something that always stood out to me.

There remains one last early Smalltown 7" out there that I need, their split 7" with Down And Away.  If anyone knows where I can score a copy of that, let me know.  Also, checking around discogs, it seems I somehow missed out on an entire album of theirs that came out in 2013.  I'm going to have to look into that as well.  While the later Smalltown releases never quite lived up to the brilliance of these first singles for me, I have really enjoyed everything the band has put out.

Smalltown - "Fall Into Line":

Smalltowm - "Tomorrow":

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