Monday, August 21, 2017

Husking Bee - Put On Fresh Paint LP - Green Vinyl (Japanese Version)


Ini-Ini (1998)

A few months ago I posted a review of the American version of this LP that I had picked up super cheep in Japan.  It was something of a place holder as I really wanted the Japanese version the most.  Lucky for me, Kazu @ Waterslide records found one in his travels and grabbed it for me.  This is one of my favorite albums, so I'm pretty excited to finally have a copy.

I didn't realize that the Ini-Ini version was on green vinyl, so that's just a bonus.  If you want to read more of my thoughts on the actual record, you can check out the last time I reviewed it here.  For now, just enjoy the vastly superior artwork of the Japanese version and if you don't have any version of this record, you should go pick it up.

Husking Bee - "Sing to Me":

Husking Bee - "Single Word":

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