Monday, August 14, 2017

Greensleep - Cheap Headphones LP


Dead Broke (2017)

Whenever Dead Broke starts alerting the world that they have a new record coming out, I always go and give it a listen.  About 80% of the time, I usually end up buying the record right there and then.  Such was the case with Greensleep, a band that was apparently kicking around in the mid 90's, but who have recently gotten back together to put out their first full length.

The album runts the gamut of incredible 90's indie and punk influences.  They manage to pull everything together to make a sound that's their own, but if you dissect the album song by song, you can start to see the similarities with others.  On "Restrepo" I'm reminded heavily of the Comedy Minus One band Minutes with it's indie rock vibe.  Moving on to "Cheap Headphones," you can pick out Pavement like twinkling guitar in the verse mixed with a blast of Superchunk fuzz in the chorus.

I can't help but hear a little bit of American Steel on "2nd Avenue," particularly in the vocals. Then I listen to "Pillar To Post" and I hear Fig Dish, but on "Like 4 Like" I can't stop thinking of the band Delay.  There are so many sounds to choose from, but they're somehow all great and also amazingly blend into a cohesive album.  It's pretty remarkable when you think about it.  If you like an indie rock leaning band that throws in a little fuzzy and catchy punk rock from time to time, Greensleep would probably be right up your alley.

Greensleep = Cheap Headphones:

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