Thursday, August 9, 2012

Collection: The Stand GT - LPs & 7"s

The Stand GT were another golden age Candian pop band. In the mid 90's, I was obsessed with bands like Bum, Punchbuggy, The Doughboys and so many other great bands from up north. While they probably didn't have the exposure down here in New Jersey that they had in their home country, I did my best to track down as many records of theirs as I could.

The first Stand GT record I picked up was the They're Magically Delicious LP. My local record store picked up a lot of vinyl that was out on Munster, since they were the vinyl home to Sicko & Bum, so I was very lucky in that regard. After that, I grabbed Apocolypse Cow! and tried to find as many 7"s as I could. That was not an easy task back then.

I was never really able to find most of them, but a couple years ago, I received some help from a member of the band. Chris sent me a handful of 7"s & comp 7"s to get the collection much closer to completion. The last hold out was the Sugar Buzz 7". I scoured the internet for this and finally came across one on Discogs. It's nice to have this collection completed.

The Stand GT - They're Magically Delicious - Munster - Black Vinyl
The Stand GT - Apocolypse Cow! - Get Hip - Black Vinyl

The Stand GT - Sad Bunch Of PeopleEn Guard - Black Vinyl
The Stand GT / Potbelly - Split 7" - Mag Wheel - Black Vinyl
The Stand GT - Toasting Gears - En Guard - Red Vinyl
The Stand GT / Beautiful - Split 7" - Right Wide - Black Vinyl
The Stand GT - The Crackle Fan - Mint - Black Vinyl
The Stand GT - Sugar Buzz - Top Drawer - Yellow Vinyl
The Stand GT - Turn On The Cartoons - Radio Blast - Black Vinyl
V/A - Glengarry Calling - En Gaurd - Black Vinyl
V/A - Merry Goddamn Christmas - En Guard - Black Vinyl

Missing: Good On The River CD (I have it but forgot to take a picture of it because it's not on vinyl Chris!)All 3 Stand GT full lengths & a few of the 7"s are available on bandcamp. You should absolutely go check them out:

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