Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sugar - Copper Blue/Beaster 2xLP

Merge (2012, Reissue)

Let's stick with another Merge reissue for today. The label has reissued the Sugar back catalog and while I already had File Under Easy Listening on vinyl, Copper Blue & Beaster were only in my collection as CDs up until now. As with the Archers of Loaf reissues, Merge did a great job with the art & liner notes and it's a really snazzy package. But, also like with the Archers reissues, Merge infuriates me with more download only bonus tracks.

Now I will say, it's unnecessary and I don't need a 3rd LP full of live tracks, but there are 3 B-Sides (and 1 alternate version, but let's take that out of the equation) in the download and you can't tell me you couldn't have fit those at the end of the 6 song Beaster LP. I get that a lot of the Beaster songs are long, but I would be very surprised to learn that 3 songs wouldn't fit.

Regardless, even though File Under easy Listening was always my favorite Sugar album, I commend Merge for re-releasing these Sugar albums so I can add Copper Blue and Beaster to the vinyl collection as well.

Sugar - Good Idea:

Sugar If I Can't Change Your Mind:

Sugar - Tilted:

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