Monday, August 13, 2012

Shiner - The Egg LP - White & Orange Split Vinyl (/100), Orange Vinyl(/200) & Black Vinyl (/700)

Son Of Man NYC (2012)

Shiner was a band that, quite frankly, I didn't know anything about until I met my wife. When we first met 9 years ago she had told me her favorite band was Shiner. I don't think I'd ever even heard of them to be honest. She insisted that I listen to the Egg. Now, since we had just started dating, I was going to be polite regardless of what she gave me, but from the first few seconds of The Truth About Cows, I was shocked. Here was a band with huge, thick guitars, a melodic, but powerful energy and strong vocals that I wasn't totally prepared for. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I genuinely liked these guys.

Fast forward 9 years. We're married, Shiner has been broken up for ages, my copy of the Egg on CD has gone missing, but Shiner steps up to the plate and announces a handful of reunion shows and the Egg on vinyl with 3 limited variants! We were in line before the venue doors even opened. We were standing at the merch booth before everything was even unpacked. There was no way we were not going to get all 3 versions of this record. I helped the merch guy (who I think was a venue guy not someone the band had brought along) find all 3 versions and we were set.

Let's be clear, these are my wife's records, but I'm happy to take pictures, tell a little story about them and add them too the family collection. The vinyl came out great, the 2 colored versions are just beautiful to look out and I'm always impressed when a band is able to match cover art and vinyl colors so close. This is a record we're thrilled to have in the house and now I don't even mind that my CD went missing.

Shiner - The Truth About Cows:

Shiner - Play Dead:

Shiner - Pills:

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