Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Young Guv & The Scuzz - A Love Too Strong 12" - White Vinyl (/200)

Southpaw (2012)

Ben Cook writes some amazing songs. I'm obsessed with his work in Marvelous Darlings. I have more Young Governor singles than I can count right now, plus he's even in a band I really don't like all that much; Fucked Up. A busy fellow for sure. And while the Marvelous Darlings are far and away my favorite project of his, this Young Guv & The Scuzz 12" has got to be 2nd place. It's an incredible, borderline sparkling pop record that's full of hooks, melodies and general good times. The only complaint I have is I just wish it was a full length LP with even more songs. Hopefully that will be coming soon. Oh, and more Marvelous Darlings too please.

Young Guv & The Scuzz - A Love Too Strong (Full Stream):

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