Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Atom Age - Kill Surf City LP - Purple Vinyl (/300)

Asian Man (2012)

When Asian Man released The Atom Age's new LP this year, they also reissued the band's previous CD only album on vinyl as well. Kill Surf City was limited to 300 copies and was sold in a pretty cheap bundle from the Asian Man website. Though I believe the bundle is no longer available, the band is still selling these from their website.

As I mentioned Monday when i was writing about The Hottest Thing That's Cool, I feel that this band is unfairly maligned by the Rocket From The Crypt faithful. If anything, I actually think I like this album a bit more than their new release as the singer isn't quite as shouty on this one. I'll say it again, the influence is obvious, but I still enjoy putting on a high energy fun record and The Atom Age delivers that for me.

The Atom Age - Kill Surf City:

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