Friday, August 3, 2012

Seaweed - Bill 7" - Green Vinyl

Sub Pop (1992)

Maybe we'll have Seaweed Friday for the next couple of weeks to show off the Seaweed 7"s I'm hunting down. I'm still uncertain if I'm going to pick up all of the variants for all of the 7"s or if I will be satisfied with one of each. We'll cross that bridge once I have tracked down one of each I guess.

The A-Side on this 7", Bill, is also on the LP Weak and it's a hell of a song. On the B-Side we've got Pumpkin which is a Wwax cover (Wwax = pre-Superchunk). To me, that one seems to be poppier than most Seaweed originals, but the vocals do still lend a certain gravitas to the song.

Seaweed - Bill:

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