Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I 2xLP

Barsuk (2011, Reissue)

Let's keep going with reissues this week. We'll move away from Merge and head over to Barsuk who put out this Emergency & I reissue last year. I remember how excited I was when it was announced, but then thought is was a little expensive for my tastes right at that moment. I figured I'd keep an eye out and pick a copy up when I saw it go on sale somewhere. Oops. It then proceeded to go out of print and I couldn't find a copy anywhere. That'll teach me. I'm not typically one to wait when it comes to buying records, but this cemented why I shouldn't do that.

Compared to the $80-$90 price tag I've seen this guy selling for lately, I got it for what I consider a pretty reasonable $50 on eBay. Too much to pay for a record, but it's my own fault for not buying it when it came out. I do have to say that Barsuk did an amazing job with this. The art looks great, the vinyl sounds incredible and there's no bullshit download only bonus tracks. These bonus tracks are on the actual vinyl. So my path getting to this record was flawed, but all is right in the world now that I can listen to this record on vinyl while I'm hanging out on the couch reading professional wrestling newsletters. Not sure that's what the band had in mind when they recorded this.

The Dismemberment Plan - What Did You Want Me To Say:

The Dismemberment Plan - Back & Forth

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