Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Resonars - Long Long Thoughts 7" - Green Vinyl

Trouble In Mind (2012)

I picked up a Resonars record a couple of years ago called Nonetheless Blue. I thought it was OK. It wasn't bad or anything, but I certainly didn't think it was very memorable. When it came time to buy the latest batch of Trouble In Mind singles, I wasn't particularly excited about a Resonars release, but figured it's sure to at least be OK and I'm loyal to the series and want to keep the collection complete.

I was pretty unprepared for how great this 7" is. It just immediately transported me to 60's British invasion, huge choruses with awesome backing vocals, jangle guitar and marching band drums. Such a great 7". Now I'm wondering if I missed the boat on some of their other records. Anyone have a recommendation for someone that loves this 7", but really wasn't high on Nonetheless Blue?

The Resonars - Long Long Thoughts: The Resonars - Long Long Thoughts by PressWolfPR

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  1. Get 'Lunar Kit' or 'Bright & Dark'! They both rule & have some key signature Resonars tunes on em! The first one is awesome as well - has my favorite tube "Flood Lamp Eyes" on it! Don't give up on Matt Rendon! His new one coming out soon on Burger is also freakin amazing!