Friday, August 24, 2012

Seaweed - Actions & Indications LP

Merge (1999)

Seaweed Friday! The collection is filling out, but I only have 1 more 7" on order. I need to hunt down the other ones so I can keep this up. I don't know if anyone other than me is interested in a new Seaweed record every Friday. I guess they're old hat for a lot of folks, but for me it's an exciting new record every time out.

As I was digging up more information about Seaweed I came across a common opinion; Actions & Indications isn't a very good album. Well, I've now had the chance to listen myself and I can say I have no idea what these people are talking about. Is it as good as their record four? No, but how many records are? Actions & Indications is another great Seaweed album. I suppose it's a bit less aggressive than their earliest material, but it still manages to balance a nice amount of melody and intensity. In particular the first song, Antilyrical, is as strong as anything else they ever did.

I don't get the response to this record from the masses. I think it's a great album and it makes me want to complete my Seaweed collection even more.

Seaweed - Antilyrical (Live):

Seaweed - Against The Sky:

Seaweed - Hard Times:

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