Monday, August 6, 2012

The Capitalist Kids - Lessons on Love, Sharing and Hygiene LP - WhiteVinyl (/119)

Toxic Pop (2012)

After enjoying the band's 7" earlier in the year, I picked up their new full length on Toxic Pop records. I've had this for a little bit and listened to it several times. I want to choose my words carefully as the next sentence I am about to write could seem negative, but I do like this record quite a bit.

Lessons of Love, Sharing and Hygiene is total Mr. T Experience, Green Day & Zoniks! hero worship. You can tell that these guys yearn for a return to the glory days of mid 90's pop punk and as someone also steeped in that era, I can absolutely appreciate what they are trying to do. There's a lot of pretty crummy pop punk out there these days. Bands, that for the life of me, I just don't get.

I get where The Capitalist Kids are coming from. They have strong political overtones to their songs but they are done in a humorous tongue in cheek manner that doesn't seem heavy handed or preachy. It's a really fun record and I would definitely recommend it to those that thought 1995 was pretty much the best year ever.

The Capitalist Kids - Lessons on Love, Sharing & Hygiene:

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  1. I was just thinking of getting this album at the same time I found this blog of yours. I really need to start following this one since we pretty much share the same taste of music.

    and 1995? goddamn. was probably the best year ever.