Friday, August 31, 2012

Seaweed - Go Your Own Way 7" - Grey Vinyl

Sub Pop (1993)

Welcome to another fun filled and information packed Seaweed Friday here at I Buy Way Too Many Records Dot Com. This time out, we've got a Sub Pop Single with 2 cover songs and a remixed version of the opening track from the Seaweed album four. We'll start with the remix, it's not a remix with dope beats thrown down over the song, but it's basically just a cleaned up version of the song Losing Skin. Great song, but I prefer the noisier album version. Then there's She Cracked a Jonathan Richman cover. It's OK actually, nothing bad to say about that.

But then we have Go Your Own Way. I hate this song so much. For a while at my job, I would have to call this one vendor over and over again all day long. Their hold music consisted of 3 songs. Truckin' by Grateful Dead, Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel and Go Your Own Way. I didn't like that song to begin with, but after having to listen to it over and over again everyday, I'm convinced that there's no greater torture in the world. Seaweed's version is what it is. I probably can't judge it fairly as I hate the original so much. It's another 7" to add to the collection, but probably not one I'll listen to very often.

Seaweed - Go Your Own Way:

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