Monday, August 20, 2012

The Atom Age - the Hottest thing That's Cool LP

Asian Man (2012)

This is a band that stirred up some controversy on the Swami Records/Rocket From The Crypt message board a few months back. The band was accused of being a rip off, of not being original and generally bashed as not being very good. I take exception to this. While it is extremely evident that The Atom Age us HUGELY influenced by Rocket From The Crypt, I don’t see how anyone who likes Rocket wouldn’t prefer to listen to someone paying homage to the masters vs. yet another crappy band trying to sound like the Alkaline Trio.

I wouldn’t even say they’re a blatant copy. The Atom Age is playing fast, loud and then a bit faster. Sure there's a saxophone, but I think they differ from Rocket in that they don’t delve into the more subtle melodies and changes that Rocket was known for. The Atom Age is a band that is just in your face and loud. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Songs are catchy, chord progressions are interesting, though I wish the singer was a bit more mellow at times. In general I think this is a solid record by a band that loves Rocket From The Crypt. Sure, maybe they could be a bit more original, but if you’re going to be influenced by a band, I absolutely cannot think of a better one to be influenced by.

The Atom Age - The Hottest Thing That's Cool:

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