Monday, January 7, 2013

Beck - Sea Change - Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 2xLP - Pink Vinyl (/1000)

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (2012)

This was actually a birthday present from my wife, but I really wanted to spend some time with it before writing anything about it. Then the mad scramble at the end of the year made me bump it back a bit. But today I'm going to kick off a week of nothing but reissues, several of which I got over the holidays. First up is Beck.

Sea Change is one of my favorite Beck albums. I have always preferred his acoustic offerings more than anything else he's released. It also came at the perfect time, coming out three years after the simply terrible Midnight Vultures. Midnight Vultures made me question if I would ever like any Beck records ever again, but my faith was renewed with Sea Change. Gone was the stupidity and in its place were serious, well written songs. Truly great.

The Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab version of this sounds unreal. You can hear every tiny layered nuance of this record. The guitars sound crisp and clean. The orchestral elements just wash over the songs. Everything about it wounds perfect. This is how Sea Change was made to be listened to. Plus they did a limited run on 1000 on pink vinyl. Though that doesn't seem to be all that limited compared to most record pressings, for Beck, I guess it's pretty limited as they seem to have sold out at most online stores. I'm very lucky that my wife was able to grab me one when she did and am thrilled to have this record in the collection.

Beck - Little One:

Beck - Sunday Sun:

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