Monday, January 28, 2013

Masked Intruder - S/T LP - Green Vinyl

Fat Wreck / Red Scare (2013)

This album actually came out as a CD only in 2012, which is why I counted it on my year end list for 2012 and won't be counting it this year. Masked Intruder play straight up pop punk, perhaps a bit too saccharine for the tastes of some, but right now, along with the Capitalist Kids, Masked Intruder are one of the best pure pop punk bands around.

They are tackling a similar subject matter as a slew of other bands have, love, heartbreak, etc.; but they are adding a petty thief gimmick to the proceedings. At times, it colors up the songs nicely; at times it doesn't really add or take away from the music. All in it's a very good record. It takes a lot for plain old pop punk to impress me these days and Masked Intruder are one of the few bands that can actually do it.

As far as the record itself goes, what I have on display is the Green Vinyl version. It's come to light that Fat Wreck also pressed this on Blue, Red & Yellow vinyl as well. Quantities haven't been released yet, but it's created a real scramble with people trying to get all 4 variants. As I sold my 4x7" Masked Intruder box set, I'm out of the variant game for this band, as long as I have 1 of the colored versions I'm happy. But if you want to have your mind blown, go check out what this LP is doing on eBay right now. Crazy times.

Masked Intruder - S/T (3 Tracks):

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