Monday, January 14, 2013

Burning Airlines - Identikit LP - White w/ Gold Vinyl (/250)

Arctic Rodeo (2012)

The follow up to Friday's Mission Control LP, Identikit further cements my status as an idiot for taking so long to listen to this band. From the opening moments of the first song Outside The Aviary, it's apparent that I've made a huge mistake. Just like on Mission Control! Burning Airlines manage to weave the melodic side of punk rock with dynamic guitar work and songwriting in a way that I'm kicking myself for missing out on all these years. Great band, great record.

As far as this reissue goes, as I picked up a distro copy from Dischord, I wasn't able to choose the color of vinyl that I would receive and ended up with the White with Gold streaks version. I would have preferred the red vinyl personally, to better match the artwork, but this still looks pretty snazzy.

Arctic Rodeo has done a great job with the art, as the LP sleeve replicates the CD version with all of the folding panels. However, increasing the size of the artwork to fit an LP has made handling the sleeve a bit unruly. Be careful putting it in and taking it out of the plastic sleeve, one false move and you might be ripping one of those flaps clean off.

Burning Airlines - Outside The Aviary:

Burning Airlines - Earthbound:

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