Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hospital Job - Downer Downer Downer LP - Orange Vinyl & Purple VinylTest Pressing (/50)

Insubordination (2012)

I'm a pretty crazy record collector, but even I'm not crazy enough to actively collect test pressings. Sure I have a handful of them, but that's mostly PopKid ones (and a few Snuff ones). The need to try to hunt down a test pressing to consider a collection complete is one of those things that I never quite understood. However, in the case of this Hospital Job LP; with 50 test pressings made and the fact that they were sold to the general public as the first press when the record was pre-ordered...I'm going to count that as a totally separate variant. And that's what we have here. I pre-ordered this record and in addition to getting a copy of the "test pressing" version, the label also sent along the regular edition vinyl. So that's pretty cool for a $10 pre-order.

As far as the tunes go, Hospital Job play a somewhat 90's style alternative pop. There's hints of great bands like Superdrag and Fig Dish and the record really feel like it belongs on one of those sham indie labels that major labels used to set up in the 90's when they were trying to pretend they had street cred. There's a couple of minor instances where the record strays a bit too close to a Blink 182-ish straight up pop punk, but the band really shines when they'ye layering melodies and building up a huge downstroke heavy chorus.

Even though I am only now getting a chance to write up this album for the website, Downer Downer Downer was one of the better releases on 2012, and I did have them on my Absolute Best Records of 2012 list. Definitely worth a purchase, test pressing included or not.

Hospital Job - Downer Downer Downer (2 Songs):

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