Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trusty - The Fourth Wise Man LP

Dischord (1996)

Unlike a lot of records from the 90's you'll see me write something about these days, The Fourth Wise Man is not an album I overlooked back when it came out. In fact, I likely bought the CD of this the day it came out, having been such a huge fan of their prior record, Goodbye Dr. Fate. For one reason or another I just never grabbed this album on vinyl. When I recently picked up the 2 Burning Airlines reissues from Dischord, I figured it was time to add this LP to the fold, since it is still in print.

Trusty is a band playing uptempo jangle heavy guitar pop. The high pitch vocals and background harmonies always made them stand out from the pack to me. I always thought they were a slightly odd pick for Dischord. Though geographically it made sense, I found the rest of their roster to be a bit more downtrodden, compared to the more upbeat songs Trusty was dishing out. Sadly, this album was to be the last for this great band, but The Fourth Wise Man and Goodbye Dr. Fate are absolutely essential records to have on hand.

Trusty - The Fourth Wise Man (I couldn't find any of these songs streaming anywhere aside from a page with snippets of each song):

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