Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cold Warps - Slimer 7" - Green Slime Vinyl

Fundog (2012)

The is the last Cold Warps record that I know of, following me writing about the bands Demo LP & prior 7". Slimer sees the band once again dipping into the treasure trove of treble heavy power pop. Cold Warps are in heavy rotation these past few months as a band that has this much skill writing a hook will always find favor with me.

I believe this record is sold out and I wasn't able to find any pressing information other than the fact that the cover comes in different colors other than what is pictured above. I just bought this pretty recently however, so if you are interested you should probably start scouring distros now before it gets really scarce. Hopefully Cold Warps will have something else new for me to listen to soon.

Cold Warps - Slimer 7":

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