Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fountains Of Wayne - S/T LP

Fountains Of Wayne - S/T LP by Tim PopKid
Fountains Of Wayne - S/T LP, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Yep Roc (2012)

Continuing on this week of nothing but reissues; we have the first Fountains Of Wayne album. Though this was actually pressed by Atlantic when the album originally came out, the vinyl version wasn't in my collection. I've been keeping my eye on this for a while as the original pressing tends to sell for a fairly absurd price.

I first heard rumblings about this reissue a few years ago when it popped up as a pre-order on Amazon. Of course, the date of the release came and went and news disappeared once again. Earlier this year, another pre-order went up. Then it popped up on a few other sites and finally it was found on Yep Roc's site (though kind of hidden). Even though it did get pushed back 3 more times this year, I did finally have a package that came in the mail.

It sounds really great. Yep Roc did a fantastic job with this reissue and the sound quality, vinyl & artwork are all top notch. The record has been one of my very favorites and despite the fact that they certainly don't blow me away live, I feel like I can always go back the this record and be completely impressed. Maybe to me, Fountains Of Wayne today aren't quite the band of their first 2 records, but man those first 2 records are still pretty wonderful.

Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe:

Fountains Of Wayne - Sink To The Bottom:

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