Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fuzz - This Time I Got A Reason 7" - Blue Vinyl (/500)

Trouble In Mind (2012)

Fuzz is a band featuring Ty Segall & Charlie Moonheart. This 7" is part of the Trouble In Mind series and was limited to 500 copies initially. The 7" sold out immediately , the label scrambled to get a repress going and this 7", overnight, was selling for upwards of $80 on eBay. A crazy turn of events. As a dedicated follower of the Trouble In Mind 7"s, I was lucky and grabbed this right away. I have a complete collection of their 7"s on colored vinyl and I would have been supremely bummed to miss one. I also really like the new sleeves they're using for the series. Thicker stock & a nice design. All thumbs up.

Then you get to the music and I just cannot get into this record. It's a slab of sludgy, fuzzed out 70's sounding stoner rock. The song just plods through a fog of this distortion and it simply doesn't go anywhere. I know folks love Ty Segall, but I'm 0-3 with records of his I've checked out. It just might be one of those things I'll never get. Trouble In Mind is always hit and miss for me with their 7"s though the good far outweighs the bad. I'm still very happy to be able to keep the 7" collection complete, paying $80 for this record would have been a nightmare.

Fuzz - This Time I Got A Reason:


  1. You know I've been listening to samples of the Ty Segall music and I can't get into it either. I don't know what the big deal is. I don't see it as experimental or forward at all? To much fuzz and confusion that doesn't make any sense. I want to like it but my ears won't let me. Dig your blog, new user. Louis SA,TX

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Also nice to hear I'm not the only one that isn't particularly impressed by this.