Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sedatives - Teenage Runaway 7" - Red Vinyl (/100)

P Trash (2012)

I believe what is contained on this 7" are the very last Sedatives songs that never saw the light of day. I cannot comprehend how these songs were held off until the last release. Just as strong as anything on the Sedatives LP, Teenage Runaway and the flip side Facists are 2 short and sweet pop songs, leaning heavily on the dark guitar tones and keyboards that are the Sedatives calling card. It would be sad if we never heard from Sedatives again, though it did spawn 2 seriously great bands in The White Wires and The Steve Adamyk band.

The copy I have is the Ptrash Club version from Germany, limited to 100 copies and pressed on red vinyl. There are other versions of the 7" released on Erste Theke Tonträger & Red Lounge records, but I'm content to stick with the coolest and most limited of the bunch.

Sedatives - Teenage Runaway:

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