Thursday, January 24, 2013

Low Culture - Screens LP - Blue Vinyl (/200)

Dirtnap (2013)

I was pretty excited about the Low Culture 7" that came out last year. It was a solid record with a handful of great songs on it. I figured their full length would be a sure shot good record. I was incorrect, because I simply did not see a record this great coming. I'm blown away with how fantastic Screens is.

The band is channeling the same sort of super catchy, fast punked out pop that made me love The Marked Men (who incidentally share a member with Low Culture, who incidentally went to the same high school as my wife - wacky!). The guitar riffs are great, always taking the songs into unexpected places. The band has a real knack for a hook and the non-stop energy makes this a record that just begs to be played again when it's over.

Every year I make a list keeping track of my favorite records of the year and every year I wait for that first record to knock me on my ass. That's always the sign that it's time to start the best of the year list. I didn't have to wait long this year, the first record I have in my hands in 2013 worthy of the list is Low Culture.

Low Culture - Screens (Full Album Stream):


  1. I absolutely love The Marked Men music. Can't wait to hear this one. Your blog has given me the vinyl collecting bug. Trying to start a reasonable collection for myself. Saw your Obits 7" post and went berserk. I'm a huge Hot Snakes and Obits fan. Still trying to get the new 7".

    1. The new Obits 7" is still available right from Sub Pop, I'm pretty sure. I think they only have it on black vinyl, but it beats the postage from grabbing one from overseas.