Friday, January 18, 2013

Games - S/T LP - Gold Vinyl (/200)

HoZac (2012)

The Games LP is one that I wish I had an opportunity to spend more time with before I made by best of 2012 list. That's always the risk that is run when an album comes out so late in the year, you're up against records that people have had the chance to get comfortable with. I'm just hopeful that folks don't overlook this Games LP, because it's a hell of a record.

Games play guitar pop not too dissimilar from Gentleman Jesse or bands like the Wrong Words. Glimmering guitar, heavy on hooks and a real 50's & 60's laid back vibe. The songs are catchy without sounding sappy and it's the sort of record that becomes more rewarding with repeated listens. I had high hopes going in as I loved the band's 7" that came out on Rob's House records and I was not let down. An excellent guitar pop record.

Games - Put Down That Gun:

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