Friday, January 4, 2013

Dan Padilla - Sports Fan LP - Orange Vinyl

Dirt Cult (2012)

I first checked out Dan Padilla because Davey from Tiltwheel was in the band. I have several of their records and they always deliver a good album. Sports Fan is the best of the bunch. It's the strongest set of songs they've released so far mixing a gruff Leatherface style punk with a more rootsy rock, perhaps somewhat similar to Social Distortion (but the handful of good Social Distortion songs, not the endless pile of crap ones). While it didn't make the top 30 in my list of top records of the year, Sports Fan is a really good album that has been in frequent rotation since the MP3s were sent my way.

Speaking of the MP3s, that's where the Orange vinyl version originates. If you bought the digital version of the album on Bandcamp a few months ago, that was also ordering you the limited colored vinyl version of the record. Turned out to be a great deal. I'm not entirely positive how many were pressed on orange (I want to say 100), but as always, I need that limited version!

Dan Padilla - Sports Fan (Full Album Stream):

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